How to Act Sick When You’re Not

Admit it, we have all wanted to call out sick from work or school when we’re not really sick at all. We may have plans with friends or family or just want to take a mental health day to enjoy some relaxation time.
There are many great ways to fake an illness that will allow you to not get in trouble for taking any needed time off. Most of the time your job or school will want you to turn in a doctor’s note in order to verify that you were really sick.
You can find many sick forms online that work great for your excuse to stay home. The notes are downloadable, extremely detailed, and very realistic looking. Your manager or school teacher will not even be able to tell the difference.
There are many different types of form to choose from. After all, if you decide to use these doctor notes to take multiply mental health days throughout the year, you will not want to turn in the same type of form each time. You can choose from a regular note that ensures you were at the doctor for a regular check up, a mental health form that will ensure you were needed for a necessary counseling appointment, or an emergency room excuse to ensure you were going through a medical emergency.
However, if you feel that you are using these medical notes too often to get out of work, you can also choose from a jury duty notice, a dental note, or a urologist note. Every one has to go to jury duty as an American citizen, so this jury duty is an excuse that will work great. Dental notes are just like doctor’s notes as well to ensure you were in need of dental health care. The urologist note is a great one. These notes explain that you are in need of necessary and frequent bathroom breaks.
All in all you will receive a fantastic and extremely detailed excuse at a great price. You will not be disappointed and your job or school will easily be fooled by these authentic looking notes.
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